I have been playing around with a VM of backtrack.. hosted in virtualbox, trouble is how can you crack wpa2 networks if the VM can’t see any network adapters..?

Seems after reading into what all these different networking types are within virtualbox the one you are after should be bridged networking..

My issue was that this windows 7 64bit laptop for some reason was not displaying any options in the adapter list.. so I did two things and now it can see the adapter to bridge.

1 from the manual make a quick registry change to your host,

You can try to increase the maximum filter count in the Windows registry at the following key:

The maximum number allowed is 14. After a reboot, try to re-install VirtualBox.

I changed from the default 8, to 9, no improvement so changed to 14, uninstalled virtualbox, rebooted… reinstalled virtualbox (my XP and backtrack VMs were still there)

Now it works a treat!.

If you have this problem… HTH….