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Brad McAllister

I am a freelance web developer building and manage websites for businesses looking for professional website services and a one-to-one relationship with a web application developer. 

my Services

You can count on the punctual within budget delivery of services I deliver. 

London SEO Expert Brad McAllister

search engine Marketing

Find the right keywords and increase traffic to your site using tools such as Website Auditor, ScrapeBox, and GSA Search Engine Ranker

London WordPress Expert

bespoke applications

Absolutely nothing beats having a locally sourced freelance ASP.NET developer on site, getting to know your business and people to provide the best solutions.

performance improvement

Your code can be faster, and your databases too in a short space of time, increase customer satisfaction with more responsive software.

ASP.NET contractor

business & applications

Bridge the gap between your business and IT with help from Brad McAllister, soft skills are key when selecting software craftspeople for your organisation.

Freelance web developer

Over 20 years in software development for major brands, from PHP and Classic ASP to Linux and ASP.NET Core I can guide you on the right strategy to success through web development.

Freelance Web Developer


If your legacy code, documentation issues and staff turnover cause concern in your business, I can help modernise and stabilise the evolution and control of your code.

SEO Expert


Looking through all the hiding places where clues to your code may be, from legacy source control, email, network shares – your inhouse software can be revamped and brought under control

Brad McAllister Freelance ASP.NET Developer


A practical awareness and daily usage of both LAMP stack and Microsoft stack, the right balance of future sustainability and pragmatism are delivered.

Plan for a better Future

Optimise your code, streamline your hosting environment, take advantage of modern open source frameworks, on-page content optimisation, authority link building.

Database optimation, analysis of query estimated execution plans and improvement of indexing, normalisation and schema to enhance your visibility of key business data.


71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

my Specialties

  • web application development
  • SQL server database Design & administration
  • Social Media

Having delivered software to many major brands during a career based in London UK, now providing on-site and remote consulting to the private and public sector, my all-around experience from requirements gathering to search engine optimisation of completed websites, I will help your business software needs too.

The Numbers

I love consulting, my quick friendly approach has many positive recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Happy Clients

Million Page Views

Active Applications

Years Experience


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

I provide onsite assistance to businesses based in London, and remote assistance to businesses based throughout the EU.

Do you Offer Long Term Services?

I have been with many of my clients for years, counting on me to deliver solutions at short notice, combined with extended upgrades to application functionality.

What Types of technology to you help With?

Mostly I assist with C# and VB.NET ASP.net applications either WebForms or MVC combined with all versions of SQL server.

Consulting services are provided through my company Real Code Ltd, a trademarked brand.

If you are looking for advice on your current web application architecture, or a skilled freelance web developer to take on your code please contact me for a quote.

You can find feedback from previous clients and colleagues who have given LinkedIn recommendations, I take great pride in my professional reputation.


Some brands I have had the pleasure of working with.

ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance
ASP.net freelance

After having met Brad through Freelancers.net in August 2015, he has worked with me and my colleagues on a weekly basis, taking over existing projects and working on new ones to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients, He has proved excellent in providing support through Nova IT to our clients. We have had positive feedback from our clients about his work and communication skills when working on projects. He is now a great part of our team.

Nova Crawford

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