After getting my mitts on the tutorial on Building Android and iOS Apps with Dreamweaver CS5.5, I decided to have a go last friday at knocking one up.

Everything was rather straightforward except for the usual flakiness that can be experienced with DW sometimes, the “easy install” of the Android SDK was not that easy, so a manual install was the way to go, even after updating the demo copy of DW I just downloaded… (the demo copy is not the latest) as bugfix pages suggested from adobe it still came to a manual install, which DW could then use to build the .apk.

Next timewaste ballsup to get around was that even my very nice 4GB RAM i5 64bit laptop at work still seemed to take a little bit too long to start the emulator quick enough for dreamweaver to install the new APK.

So what was then necessary was to start emulator.exe from the command line using an Android Virtual Machine I created from a 2.2 SDK download. Then from the command line again using the platform-tools adb installer get my APK installed… from then on it ran beautifully using the nice JQuery mobile themes.

Next challenge I couldn’t get around today was a suitably signed APK to upload to my publisher account on the market… I’ll have another try at that tomorrow :)

p.s. I did have another hack or two I found along the way to try and get from DW to a functioning android app such as making a change to the build.xml file but in the end don’t think that contributed to this working in the end in a robust manner, hopefully the above could be of help to you in getting this to happen as it’s a nice concept to rolling out mobile applications.