So it looks like I finally worked out why my wordpress blogs were sickeningly unresponsive all summer… when you’re as busy as me and this thing stops earning revenue its not surprising it has taken until November to fix.

So your wordpress blog is slow… and you might have done my route to a solution.. installing wp super cache instead of w3 total cache, done debug traces, disabled all those good plugins.. even the ones you paid for.. looked at cpanel and seen that even going to your homepage sent the CPU and entry processes counters spinning into orbit..

Did you know when wordpress has to deal with a 404 apparently it has a near heart attack?, shocking I know, wp-super-cache just goes nuts… but your files are all where they should be right?.. so where are those 404 errors possibly coming from?

Checked your .htaccess rewrite rules lately? (text file in the web root), know what your host / plugins have been doing to it?… I removed a big chunk out of some of mine that referred to images and virtual host domains.. (being a .net developer I’m not too sure about all that UNIX .htaccess stuff so just had a lucky first guess).

Much to my surprise the images all started working again, phantom 404 errors resolved as the bad rewrite rules were removed and the sites became as responsive as I have always wanted them to.

This in addition to the fix earlier this week where I realised the host I use for my blogs does not allow SMTP mail, so I just disabled those plugins and suddenly I get notified of wordpress events too now, so why don’t you write a comment below now I can actually get notified!.