Not sure if this is the “best” way to do it, but it works great for me – incase you want to make a new visual studio project based on one you already have

• Make an empty folder in C:\……\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Work\NewFolderHere
• Right click the existing project folder and do a tortoise SVN export to copy the application files without the old SVN entries into the path above (assuming you are using SVN)
• Then run VSPRenamer (download from on the .sln file, that will do all the renaming correctly for all references within your solution
• Rename the new .sln file to match the folder
• Manually copy over the nuget packages folder to remove the yellow warning triangles from the application references so it compiles again finding your package source files

That pretty much covers my needs… you might have another couple of things but this should do the majority of the work for you, you can then work with your new solution separately