Do you use a program that requires you to push the same seemingly pointless “are you sure you want to do this?” type buttons?, wouldn’t it be nice if they were pressed automatically so you could save your fingers and do something else?

Some computer programs pester you with their endless dialog boxes repeating the same questions. Would you like to do X? Are you sure you mean to do Y? If you know what you want and are tired of telling your PC the same things over and over, use PTFB (short for “Push the Freakin’ Button”), a button-pressing utility I have been using since 2005 and has saved me tens of thousands of pointless clicks.

When a dialog box asks the PC equivalent of “are we there yet?”, in a few seconds you can tell PTFB which button it should press, and the program will take care of that specific confirmation button forever afterwards. You can set the program to press the same button in similar dialogs as well as it’s quite flexible if you need it to be.

You can download the free version here, or buy the pro version so the guy can make some money for his great software – the free version has been all I need for this sort of stuff for the past 4 years though.

Give it a try, keep away the RSI. No those are no my fingers in the image, make sure they are not yours either.