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Posted in Ramblings | Posted on 18-03-2014

Mention by blog when requesting, thanks!

Responsive Email templates

Posted in Coding | Posted on 24-04-2014

Looking for a nice easy to implement set of templates for responsive HTML emails, these look great and I’m sure I will use at some point soon.


Know of any others?

Duplicate folder names on iOS

Posted in Ramblings | Posted on 21-03-2014

Or at least on ipad, designed to be possible?. Just found on my ipad 2 that consolidating icons to a group created a second “social” folder.

Chromecast alternatives

Posted in Tips | Posted on 19-03-2014

download Chromecast alternatives

Anyone considering investing in a Chromecast HDMI key should seriously consider getting a raspberry pi instead. For the same money you get the same functionality and oh so much more, a complete low power linux server solution for your home network.

You can create an XBMC library attached to an external hard drive, using your phone or tablet for a remote control, or monitor your home remotely with your webcam, or create a NAS box to automatically backup all your important files.

Three of the best To-Do List Managers

Posted in Recommendations | Posted on 19-03-2014

Managing things you need to get done without forgetting something important can really help you kill as many birds with one stone as possible.

The best software to-do lists offer features such as syncing and scheduling options, great plugins, notifications and reminders, or just the right mix of features and flexibility that make it easy to stay organized.

Google Keep

Google Keep is simple as with most Google / Apple interfaces, available on the web and for Android. Keep is a self synchronising notepad that can maintain checklists, photos and images, voice notes, and other text notes synchronised with their cloud. It supports time and location-based reminders (something I thought about in 2009 but never got further than registering 

The weak points of Keep are there are no recurring tasks or calendar, no sub-tasks or advanced features that make it useful for planning bigger projects or handling regular tasks. supports both the main mobile platforms, syncs smoothly between devices and platforms, can handle recurring tasks , timed and location-based reminders, and gets your day started with the “Moment,” a short review of everything you have on your table for the day. has lots of features, even though its interface is designed to be simple and easy to get familiar with. However syncing can be tricky sometimes, and if you prefer to manage your list from a PC, you must to use their Chrome extension.


Wunderlist is a cross-platform, desktop and mobile to-do list manager with apps for all significant mobile and desktop platforms, It’s also a web based application, so you seriously have no reason to be without your to-dos on any platform you choose to use. It’s simple and easy to use, supports timed reminders, recurring to-dos (although its recurring feature is definitely lacking), separate reminders from the due date of the task, notes and additional info associated with your to-dos, shared to-dos with others, multiple categories, and more. You can star important tasks (but that’s as close to priority as you’ll get), and customize the look of the app. It’s broad platform support—and its webapp—mean you’ll always have access to your to-dos.