Are you looking for an affordable and convenient way to stay fit? Virgin Active could be the gym membership for you. With its wide range of facilities, classes and trained staff, Virgin Active is a great option if you want to keep up with your health and fitness goals. In this review we’ll look at how well it caters to those who crave freedom in their lives – both mentally and physically.

We all know that exercise can help us feel better about ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right type of gym membership that fits our lifestyle. That’s where Virgin Active comes in; they offer something different from traditional gyms as they understand what people need when pursuing a healthier lifestyle. They provide members with access to personal trainers, nutritionists and other experts so each individual can have tailored advice on their wellbeing journey.

When seeking out a good gym membership some elements are essential: flexibility, affordability and convenience. These three factors will determine whether or not the membership works best for you. The aim of this review is to assess just how well Virgin Active meets these criteria – so let’s take a closer look!


Virgin Active is a leading fitness and leisure centre with over 200 locations around the world. It offers a wide range of facilities, services and activities to help you get fit and stay healthy. From gym overviews, to fitness centres, leisure centres, sports centres and training centres – there’s something for everyone here!

For those looking for an all-encompassing workout experience, Virgin Active has it all: from cardio machines to free weights; swimming pools to spa treatments; group classes to personal trainers. You can also take advantage of the many lifestyle options available such as virtual reality experiences or relaxing in one of their tranquil lounges. Plus they provide a selection of food and beverage outlets so you can refuel after your session.

The team at Virgin Active are passionate about creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to reach their goals – whatever they may be! They understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to staying active and strive to make sure each visit leaves people feeling inspired. With this level of commitment, it’s no wonder why so many have chosen them as their go-to health club.

In terms of overall value for money, Virgin Active consistently delivers on its promise – providing top quality equipment and services at competitive prices. Moving onto facilities and services…

Facilities And Services

Pampering and perfecting, the facilities and services of Virgin Active are sure to please. With a range of gym equipment for all levels, as well as personal trainers on hand to give you guidance and motivation, this health club is top-notch. From weights to treadmills, from classes to cardio machines, there’s something for everyone here. For those looking to relax after an intense workout session, they offer spa services such as hot tubs and massage tables. And if group fitness classes are more your thing then look no further – with over 80 options available at any one time in most clubs it’s easy to find something that suits your needs.

The amenities offered by Virgin Active help make each visit even better. With free wifi throughout the clubs, members can stay connected while working out or relaxing in between their workouts. There are also plenty of refreshment stations offering healthy snacks and drinks so that people can refuel before hitting the gym again. You’ll also find changing rooms equipped with showers and lockers for added convenience when using the facilities.

From great gym equipment to expert advice from personal trainers, from pampering spa treatments to energizing fitness classes – Virgin Active has everything you need for a successful exercise experience every time!


If you’re looking for top-of-the-line amenities, look no further than Virgin Active. With a wide range of gym equipment to choose from – including free weights, resistance machines and cardio gear – there’s something for everyone at this health club. Not only that but they also have swimming pools, sauna rooms and massage rooms where members can relax after their workout session. Plus, if you’re into yoga or pilates, the studio at Virgin Active is perfect for those wanting to keep fit in style.

The facilities don’t end there either. You can enjoy fresh fruit juices and smoothies while overlooking the pool area thanks to the café bar located onsite. There are also lockers available so you can store your belongings securely before getting started with your exercise routine. Finally, the friendly staff will always be ready to answer any questions you may have about using the facilities or joining up as a member.

No matter what level of fitness you’re currently at, Virgin Active has something suitable for everyone. They offer a variety of membership options that cater to all budgets without compromising on quality service or access to state-of-the-art equipment. So make sure to check out what they have to offer when deciding which health club is right for you!

Membership Options

When it comes to choosing a membership option at Virgin Active, you’re spoilt for choice. From monthly packages to annual plans, there are plenty of different options available depending on your budget and fitness goals. To help make the decision easier, let’s take a closer look at what each type of membership offers.

First off, we have the monthly plan. This gives you access to all Virgin Active gyms in your city for a set fee every month – perfect if you don’t know how long you’ll need access or want more flexibility than an annual package provides. Other benefits include discounts on personal training sessions and group classes.

For those after something longer term, our annual memberships come with further perks like free class passes and priority booking for special events. Prices start from just £20 per week – great value when compared to paying by the month! And if that wasn’t enough, many of our locations also offer additional services such as saunas and spas – included in some annual plans too!

No matter which route you go down, one thing is certain: becoming part of the Virgin Active family will give you access to resources and support designed to help keep pushing towards your fitness goals. Time now to move onto charges and fees…

Charges And Fees

The cost of membership at Virgin Active will depend on the type that you choose. For instance, a standard membership can range from £20-£50 per month depending on your location and additional services chosen. It’s worth noting that if you pay annually or set up direct debit payments, there are often discounts to be had – so it pays to shop around! Here is an overview of the fee structure:

  • Membership Costs: Depending on the plan selected, prices may vary.
  • Payment Plans: Direct debit or annual payment options available with discounted rates for paying in advance.
  • Cancellation Fees: If members wish to cancel their contract before its expiry date, they must notify Virgin Active 30 days prior and will incur a cancellation fee (usually 10% of remaining fees).
  • Annual Charges: An admin charge applies each year which covers maintenance costs and other expenses incurred by Virgin Active.

The great thing about choosing Virgin Active as your gym provider is that no matter what kind of budget you have, there is likely going to be an option that works for you. Whether you’re looking for a basic membership package or something more comprehensive with added extras, it’s possible to find one within your price range. From flexible payment plans to low cancellation charges, there are plenty of ways to ensure value for money when signing up with Virgin Active. And don’t forget – joining could open up access to exclusive classes offered throughout the year too!

Classes Offered

Classes offered at Virgin Active range from yoga to spin classes, giving you plenty of options for your workout. With a variety of group and aerobic classes on offer, it’s easy to find the right fit for you.

  • Yoga Classes
  • Group Classes
  • Pilates Classes
  • Aerobic Classes
  • Spin Classes
  • Strength Training

Whatever type of exercise you’re looking for, there’s something here that suits everyone. From calming yet invigorating yoga sessions designed to help relax your mind and body, to high energy group classes like spinning or aerobics which get your heart rate up and burn calories quickly – all while having fun! You can even take part in pilates classes which focus on building strength through core exercises and stretching.

At Virgin Active, they want to make sure that every individual can reach their fitness goals with ease – no matter what level you are currently at. They provide professional guidance each step of the way so that members feel comfortable, safe, and supported as they work towards achieving their personal bests.

By providing such an extensive selection of activities tailored to suit any lifestyle, Virgin Active ensures its customers have everything they need for a successful workout routine. Whether it’s taking part in a relaxing yoga class or pushing yourself further with a challenging spin session – there is something available for everyone who walks through their doors.

No matter what kind of exercise you choose, one thing is certain; when working out at Virgin Active you will be surrounded by motivated individuals striving towards achieving similar goals as yours – creating an encouraging environment where anything is possible!


When it comes to finding the perfect gym location, Virgin Active has you covered. With convenient club locations across the UK, they make sure that no matter where you are in the country, there’s a great facility nearby. To find a local gym near you, use their handy Gym Finder tool and see all of your options at once.

You’ll be able to see which gyms have what kind of facilities – from swimming pools to fitness studios and more – so you can pick the best one for your needs. And if you’re unsure about something specific or need help with opening hours and other info, just give them a call and their team will be happy to answer any questions.

No matter what activity level or goals you have in mind, Virgin Active is committed to helping customers enjoy an active lifestyle by providing excellent customer service and quality equipment in every club location. So get out there and explore!

Customer Service

Customer service at Virgin Active is like a tranquil oasis in the desert. After navigating through mountains of paperwork and seemingly endless phone calls, it’s always nice to come across helpful staff who understand how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Here’s what makes the customer experience so special:

  • Staff Helpfulness – Everyone at Virgin Active takes the time to listen carefully and provide personalized solutions.
  • Response Time – Complaints are responded to promptly and with great care.
  • Service Quality – The quality of service provided has been consistently excellent from start to finish.
  • Satisfaction Rate – Customers report impressive satisfaction rates after experiencing their services.

The customer service team at Virgin Active understands that hassle-free solutions can make all the difference when it comes to achieving ultimate satisfaction for customers. From beginning to end, we were treated with respect and courtesy throughout our interactions with them – something which isn’t always easy to find these days! Moving on, let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons associated with this company…

Pros And Cons

Right after customer service, let’s look at the pros and cons of Virgin Active. It has become one of the leading fitness centers in recent years due to its modern gyms with a great atmosphere and excellent staff experience. The membership benefits are definitely worth considering as they provide unlimited access to all their facilities plus discounts on classes and products.

The biggest pro is that it gives you access to many different types of exercise equipment and activities such as swimming pools, weights machines, spinning classes etc. This makes it an ideal option for those who want to mix up their workout routine. Furthermore, there are lots of free resources available online which can help members learn more about nutrition and health tips too!

On the downside, some people find the monthly fees quite expensive compared to other gym options out there. Additionally, if you’re a fan of group classes or have specific goals then this might not be the best choice either. There is also no guarantee that you will get results from using Virgin Active services since everyone responds differently to training regimes – so make sure you do your research before signing up!

All things considered, Virgin Active offers a lot of value for money when it comes to getting fit and staying healthy. With its wide range of facilities and knowledgeable staff, anyone looking for an enjoyable fitness experience should give them a try – especially those who like variety in their workouts! Now let’s take a look at how popular this company really is…


Virgin Active has become one of the most popular gyms, fitness clubs and health facilities in the UK. It is renowned for its extensive range of services, classes and activities that appeal to a wide variety of people. The club’s popularity can be attributed to its commitment towards providing exceptional customer service as well as delivering an efficient product offering at competitive prices. With over 9 million members worldwide, it’s clear that Virgin Active is a top choice when it comes to gym-popularity, fitness-popularity, exercise-popularity and health-popularity.

In addition to its numerous branches across the country, Virgin Active also offers online support via their website which allows users to access various resources such as nutrition advice and workout plans from experts in their field. This virtual platform provides customers with greater convenience and flexibility when trying to maintain good physical health. Similarly, there are plenty of opportunities for members who want to benefit from personalized training programmes within the club environment.

Ultimately, Virgin Active has established itself as a leading player in the industry due to its focus on creating an enjoyable yet effective experience for all types of exercisers while catering to their individual needs. Its comprehensive selection of equipment coupled with friendly staff and affordable pricing have resulted in immense success – making them one of the most sought after fitness centres around today. From this perspective we can see why they have achieved such great levels of club-popularity amongst both local communities and beyond! Transitioning into the subsequent section about ‘accolades and awards’, we can examine how this successful brand continues to cement its reputation through recognition from peers…

Accolades And Awards

Virgin Active is one of the most highly-regarded fitness centers in the world, having been awarded international awards for their gyms and health clubs. In 2020, Virgin Active was the recipient of three prestigious accolades to highlight their efforts in providing quality services to their customers:

Award Description
Best Health Club Brand 2021 Recognizing excellence and innovation within the industry by awarding a brand that has made significant contributions to its sector.
Most Innovative Gym Chain 2021 Acknowledging creativity and ingenuity in developing new products or services from an existing gym chain or brand.
Top European Fitness Company 2021 Honoring outstanding performance among European companies operating in the fitness industry.

These awards are just some of many impressive accolades given to Virgin Active over the years, cementing its place as one of the top gyms and health clubs globally. The company stands out with its commitment to creating an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone who visits their facilities. Their state-of-the-art equipment coupled with knowledgeable staff ensures customers get maximum value during every visit – regardless of whether it’s for business or pleasure! It’s no wonder why so many have chosen them time and again as their go-to destination for staying active and healthy.

With such recognition, it’s no surprise that making appointments at Virgin Active is always popular; allowing people more freedom when it comes to scheduling classes or sessions according to their own needs and preferences. And now let’s turn our attention towards how they handle bookings…

Appointments And Bookings

As a member of Virgin Active, you’re in for an awesome experience when it comes to appointments and bookings. Having access to the best gym equipment available means that you can tailor your schedule so that it fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

Plus, booking online is super easy – just head over to their website and follow the instructions! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Booking classes: You can browse through all the different types of classes they offer at each location and decide which ones are right for you. Once you’ve selected your class, simply enter your details and make payment via credit/debit card or bank transfer. It’s that simple!
  • Scheduling personal training sessions: If you want to take things up a notch and get some extra help from one of their experienced coaches, then why not book a session? With their flexible scheduling options, you’ll be able to find the perfect time slot that works around your existing commitments.
  • Sub-list 1 : Gym Equipment
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical machines
  • Weight machines
  • Sub-list 2 : Classes Offered
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Spinning

No matter what type of exercise regime suits you best, there’s something for everyone at Virgin Active. And if ever there are any problems with making a booking or amending an appointment, then their friendly customer service team will always be on hand to assist. So don’t delay – start planning today! Whether it’s getting into shape or taking part in special events, this could be the beginning of something great!

Special Events

At Virgin Active, special events are a great way for members to get together and stay active. Whether it’s planning an event with friends or taking part in activity challenges as part of a team, there’s always something going on!

Special Offers Special Discounts
£10 off gym gear 20% off classes
Free swim passes 50% off personal training sessions

The club offers regular discounts and promotions throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled for deals that could save you money. Plus, if you’re looking to organise a larger group outing like a birthday party or corporate day out, they can sort this all out for you too – just get in touch with their friendly staff to discuss what’s possible.

No matter how big or small your event is going to be, Virgin Active has plenty of exciting activities available at both local clubs and across the UK – from obstacle courses to aqua aerobics. All these activities come with comprehensive safety instructions provided by experienced instructors who’ll give you tips on how to make sure everyone stays safe while having fun. So why not take advantage of these amazing opportunities today?

Competitors Comparison

When it comes to comparing fitness centers, health clubs, and other exercise facilities and sports centers, there’s a lot of choice out there. But which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at how Virgin Active stacks up against the competition:

Features Comparison

  • Accessibility: With multiple locations across the country, Virgin Active offers excellent accessibility that many competitors can’t match.
  • Cost: When compared to similar gyms in its class, Virgin Active provides some of the best value for money when it comes to membership fees.
  • Variety: From cardio machines and weight training equipment to swimming pools and full spa amenities, Virgin Active has all the features you need in an exercise facility.
  • Quality: All of their equipment is well maintained and regularly serviced by experienced staff members.
  • Service: Staff at Virgin Active are friendly and helpful – always ready to assist with any questions or concerns about your workout routine.

In comparison with other exercise facilities on offer today, Virgin Active stands out as one of the best choices available for those looking to stay healthy and fit without breaking the bank. And aside from being convenient and economical, they also provide top quality service that will ensure your gym experience is enjoyable every time. Now let’s move onto our final verdict…

Final Verdict

So, here we are at the final verdict- time to give our overall opinion and review on Virgin Active. Well, what can we say? We certainly have a love/hate relationship with this gym chain! On one hand, there’s no denying that it has some great facilities and is often well located in most cities. It also provides an extensive range of activities and classes for members, so you’re bound to find something suitable for your needs. But on the other hand, its fees aren’t exactly pocket friendly – especially if you wanted to become a member long term.

We think that although Virgin Active isn’t perfect by any means, it does offer something unique compared to other competitors on the market. Its exclusive club atmosphere makes it stand out from the rest and could be worth investing in if you like having access to top quality exercise equipment as well as plenty of activities to choose from. However, those who don’t want to commit long-term would do better searching elsewhere or opting for a budget option such as joining a local leisure centre instead.

All things considered; while Virgin Active may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its high membership fees, there’s definitely something special about being part of this elite club network that many people won’t find anywhere else – which is why it gets our final opinion of 4 stars out of 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Opening Hours Of The Virgin Active Locations?

Figuring out the opening hours of a Virgin Active gym can be tricky, so let’s break it down. From checking online timetables to calling ahead and double-checking with staff members, there are multiple ways you can get up-to-date information on when your local location is open:

  • Online Timetables: Searching for “virgin active locations” or using their website will give you access to an online timetable that shows what times each branch is available for use. This can help you plan out your workouts and fit them into whatever schedule works best for you.
  • Most gyms have different opening hours depending on days of the week, holidays and special occasions, so make sure to check regularly if you’re not familiar with the exact time frames – this way you won’t miss out!
  • Phone Ahead: You can also call ahead to find out exactly what time your nearest virgin active location opens and closes – doing so ensures that no matter where you live or work in relation to one of their facilities, you’ll always know exactly when it’s available for visits.
  • Alternatively, some branches may offer membership cards which include specific opening times as part of the package – worth looking into if it sounds like something that could benefit your lifestyle. With all these options at hand, finding the right times and planning around them should be much easier than before. Whether it’s picking a day to go during lunchtime or setting aside specific blocks of time every few weeks just for yourself – having accurate information about gym times allows us more freedom in our lives without sacrificing our fitness goals.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Memberships?

Are you considering canceling your Virgin Active membership? Let’s discuss the cancellation policy. Canceling a membership may seem daunting, but understanding the cancelation terms doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article, we’ll look at Virgin Active‘s cancellation policy and explore what happens after you decide to cancel your membership.

When it comes to cancelling a membership with Virgin Active, there are several things to keep in mind. Depending on which type of membership you have – whether it’s an annual or monthly plan – there will either be no fees associated with canceling or additional charges that need to be taken into consideration when deciding if you want to terminate your contract. It is important to read through the full terms and conditions before signing up for any kind of commitment as these details can vary greatly from one provider to another.

The good news about Virgin Active is that they offer flexible cancellation policies depending on the type of package purchased. If customers sign up for their 12-month fixed price agreement, then they won’t incur any unnecessary charges should they wish to terminate their contract early; however, those who opt for their month-to-month option will need to pay a fee should they choose to end their subscription before its expiration date. Additionally, memberships cancelled within 14 days of purchase are eligible for a refund provided all applicable documentation has been submitted correctly and promptly.

It pays off to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when joining Virgin Active — especially when it comes time to consider terminating your subscription! By taking some time out beforehand checking the fine print of any contract, all potential pitfalls can easily avoided ensuring peace of mind down the line should plans change or circumstances alter unexpectedly.

Does Virgin Active Offer Childcare Services?

Are you wondering if Virgin Active offers childcare services? The answer is yes! They provide a range of childcare options for their members. Depending on the club, they offer availability at specific times and days; meaning that parents can access quality care while working out. When it comes to corporate discounts, Virgin Active also provides special deals for businesses. So if your company has an agreement with them, you may be able to get discounted rates on childcare services at any of their clubs. Additionally, there are age requirements in place so that children of all ages can benefit from these safe and secure facilities. It’s important to note that when it comes to their childcare policy, each location will have its own set of regulations – including cancellation policies. Therefore make sure you read up on what applies before taking advantage of the service offered by Virgin Active. Doing this will ensure that you get the best experience possible from their great amenities when using their clubs.

Does Virgin Active Offer Discounts For Corporate Members?

Making the most of your money can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to getting discounted corporate memberships. That’s why many are wondering if Virgin Active offers discounts for their corporate membership packages? Well I’m here to tell you that they do indeed! When it comes to offering great value and savings with their corporate membership deals, Virgin Active certainly know how to hit the nail on the head.

From reduced rates on monthly fees, to special access to exclusive events, there is something in it for everyone. With their tailored approach, businesses can benefit from a range of services such as free gym classes or personal training sessions for employees. And with discounts available on group bookings and other activities, companies can get even more bang for their buck.

At Virgin Active, they understand that each company has different needs – which is why they have created an extensive list of options designed specifically for them. From flexible payment plans and complimentary health checks, to additional perks like online support tutorials; no matter what kind of business you’re running, you’ll find something suitable at Virgin Active.

So whether you’re looking for ways to motivate your staff or want to save some extra cash – check out what this popular fitness chain has up its sleeve! You won’t be disappointed!

Is There A Minimum Age Requirement To Join Virgin Active?

Are you wondering if there is a minimum age requirement to join Virgin Active? If so, then this article can help you answer that question.

The rules and regulations surrounding membership eligibility of Virgin Active require an individual to be at least 16 years old in order for them to join. This means that any person under the age of 16 would not meet the age limit required for signing up for a gym membership with Virgin Active.

It is important to note that in some cases, individuals who are 14 or 15 may still be able to join depending on their circumstances. For example, they might need parental approval if they are deemed responsible enough by their parents or guardians. Furthermore, those younger than 14 will not be eligible for membership regardless of how mature they appear; however, exceptions can always be made at the discretion of management.

If you’re considering joining Virgin Active but don’t know whether you’ll meet the minimum age requirement needed, feel free to reach out and ask questions! They will be more than happy to provide further advice and assistance so that you can get started as quickly as possible.


So, there you have it. Virgin Active is a great choice for anyone looking to get fit and stay active. With lots of locations across the country, flexible opening hours and no minimum age requirement, it has something for everyone. Plus, with childcare services available at some gyms, discounts for corporate members and a generous cancellation policy, it’s ideal if you want to take advantage of all that working out can offer without breaking the bank.

What’s more, I’m confident that whatever your fitness level or goals may be – whether you’re just starting out on your health journey or aiming to become an elite athlete – Virgin Active will provide the support you need along the way. So why not give them a try today? You won’t regret it!

All in all, we’ve seen how impressive Virgin Active is. From its wide range of facilities right through to its generous membership policies and helpful staff – this gym chain truly knows how to help make fitness fun!

Take a look for yourself now