Hopefully it remains free, but it probably wont as it seems to offer some valuable services to those of us with websites. First reason why I want to use it is it’s a Content Delivery Network which should make my sites load faster for people far from the UK where the sites are hosted, which in turn will reduce the load on the server making it run faster in general as static content is progressively served from elsewhere.

There are security benefits as well, once you use their DNS servers traffic is filtered by origin to keep scumbags away from your sites via the Project Honeypot service. Project Honeypot maintains a list of known IPs who have been caught spamming or attempting attacks either because they are actually malicious attackers or because their machine has a trojan installed on it. You can think of it as smart free firewall cloud hosting, hopefully this will also bring an end to the dictionary attacks on my database servers as well.

You get pretty nice stats summaries giving an idea of how many of those masses of visitors are real people versus web crawlers, also giving you info about how much bandwidth has been saved by the CDN for those of you who pay by volume of data (I don’t).

Bit strange to see some other IP address come up from nslookup on your domains, but if it means no more spammers, zombies, XSS attackers, faster performance.. well. it’s just an experiment for a couple of weeks at least but so far so good.

Started playing around with CloudFlare this week 1

Started playing around with CloudFlare this week 2

Try cloudflare yourself if you like.