So I got to thinking that my HP 5330m with SSD does not have too much life left in it although it’s a brilliant machine, starting a new business and I need some new hardware to go with it.

After a bit of perusal of what to buy considering sticking with HP or going to Lenovo (price put me off) I ended up going back to a Dell machine, and all the reviews of great Ultrabooks of 2015 mentioned the XPS13 as a leading contender. So I went through a series of youtube video reviews – debating if they keyboard size would be a problem and thought I would take a gamble.

I found a series of recently expired 7% dell discount codes and thought I would go on the dell sales chat to ask if they could conjure up something special for me. Immediately I was offered a 4% discount on the £1149 machine (touchscreen with 256GB SSD), so I asked if he could increase to 7% and after a few seconds got that… so thought I would be cheeky as it was so easy to scrub 7% off the consumer price and asked for 10%. I was refused, but then I was just having a poke at Dells likelihood to discount.

A couple of days later I tried this again and was obviously identified by a cookie as the second sales person in India knew about the previous conversation and would not budge any further. I disconnected and got the obligatory phonecall with him chasing up, and rather rudely he suggested I not use the chat again if I was just prospecting for discounts.

This prompted me to answer the customer feedback link regarding the chat where I mentioned his attitude on the phone… a few hours later someone from the “VIP” team phoned me… I explained the situation and asked if he could offer 10% off he thought this was rather cheeky as the Dell website already knocked some £69 off for a weekend offer.. this was a Sunday and he said that after a discussion with the Finance department on Monday he would let me know.

Sure enough… he/ they agreed to the price and I bought the machine on the phone at £989.10 that same day. The machine arrived early and it is awesome.

Then today I find a link on the Dell homepage with XPS offers… I click on it and the version I purchased has been discounted with a lower “Original” price and now you can pick it up for just £957.50.. rather frustrating as I got mine for the supposed bargain double discounted price of £989.10. So after browsing around and seeing that Dell don’t bother to honour any kind of price guarantee I went back on to Dell sales chat.

Low and behold I find the guy who sold me the thing.. the “VIP” guy.. who after a little bit of chat asks if he can phone me, I say sure. He then on the phone recommends I don’t return the machine (my idle threat) and Dell do not offer refunds on the part price difference… I pursue the investigation on how to return this device so he transferred me to someone in India.

Within a minute or two this CSA asks if the only reason I want to return is is the price change, to which I honestly reply yes. I am immediately asked what the difference in price is, £31.60 I tell him, he directly offers to refund that amount – awesome customer service!.

Part way through the call where he is arranging the refund, the call cuts out… shit I think.. lost the chance… but as I gave my mobile to him shortly before the disconnect he does actually ring back.. twice.. to finalise the refund.

Dell sales are a bit of a tricky bunch, as with all sales people – but if you are a smart shopper you can get great deals from them it seems and after sales service too.