I have a desire to buy another domain and thought I would share with you the means to quickly and easily go about finding one that’s available relevant to your idea and interesting.

The Ring of ccTLDs #4

Step1: Go to Nametumbler and enter the main keyword of your idea then select your desired options from the other dropdowns. This gives you a long listbox full of ideas, in my case it’s a set of adjectives concatenated with my keword, no hyphens and .com is my TLD of choice.

Step 2: Copy all the suggested names to the clipboard and paste them into this bulk search tool where you can find out in one go which ones are worth thinking about. Scan trough the available ones until you find one that takes your fancy and buy it if you like from my preferred provider namecheap, I have used GoDaddy, 1and1 and uk2.net in the past and find the control panel at namecheap to be the nicest to use along with living up to their name for cheap domains.

Simple enough?, it’s only two steps and you can check the availability of hundreds of concepts at once. If you want to widen the scope, just look up a synonym at thesaurus.com