This is a little test to see if my iPad will successfully post to my blog!.

Today creatively started with me building a solution in visual studio 2010 that had projects for…

  • Downloading an affiliate window product feed
  • Unzipping the file to the local file system
  • Scraping content from the merchant site using the deeplinks in the feed to have a more comprehensive end result to this whole concept
  • Using the parsed content via an agile xpath project reference to build a SQL compact DB
  • Building an MVC3 c# site from the database and a theme based on an existing competitor that I know is doing well
  • Automating all the above on a daily schedule…. I can see that my more appropriate, memorable domain name would do better, and the site has several obvious improvements that could be made.. Even things as basic as sorting the drop down list items..

However the usual daily drag got in the way and my after was wasted doing…

  • Emails through a messy ticketing system clarifying what someone wanted until I got him to admit he didn’t even want the report in the first place…
  • Working out why an access 97 DB is misbehaving… Yes.. Access 97 by a wannabe developer
  • Being asked to fix something I fixed in the morning..but didn’t get told it was fixed and they had infact started talking about someone completely separate which they did not test when asked to do so a month ago….

There’s a big gap between what I want to do with my days and what I end up having to do…. Very frustrating…. If you read this.. And are based in London doing the kinds of things that are mentioned in the first half… PLEASE hire me!!!!!!!

P.s. iPad2 seems surprisingly fast to type on!

What challenges will tomorrow bring….