Stop Indian SEO SpammersI am building an increasingly effective mail filter to automatically delete the deluge of utter shite I get from India on a daily basis with someone promising to get some site or other that I own right up there on Google, or wanting me to outsource all my work to them

This morning I put a Gmail filter on which seems to have blocked pretty much all of the spam that has found its way into one folder or another, now its automatically cleared from my key folders ongoing, I’ll enhance the anti spam rules as time goes on.

The filter is as follows: Matches: ((“Page on Google” OR “client Testimonials” OR “Top rank in search engines” OR “First Page Of Google” OR “first page of the search engine” OR “1st page ranking” OR “1st Page Result” OR “Ethical SEO” OR “1st Page of GOOGLE” OR “Delhi” OR “India” OR “CAN-SPAM Act” OR “We are not spammers” OR “SEO Proposal”))
Do this: Skip Inbox, Mark as read, Apply label “Junk E-mail”)

My tactic until now was an automatically sent canned response as follows:

How to block SEO spam from India 1

This is “Tony” he emailed me today, thanks Tony

“If you can provide me a long list of examples of your work along with a free trial then do it and send me a report, I will then get back to you afterwards you must send me this material beforehand along with a full list of your prices and the LinkedIn profiles of some of your developers.”

The idea of this was just to eat the hell out of their time hunting for qualified leads, the trouble is they are so brain dead this only seemed to end in the business email address being shared amongst more of these misspelt, techicolor multi font wannabe developers.

Feel free to implement this rule or a variation of it on your own mailbox so we can try to knock this epidemic on the head.