Way back in 2006 I created one of the many affiliate marketing sites that have been giving a handy modest return (not easy when your a one man band, with a full time job, and enjoy spending time with your family!). The site was Bingo Tonight and I wanted to learn from the headaches of a previous site Financeland on how to publish database driven content in a url re-write friendly manner from a handful of templates (views) so I could put new offers, reviews up and have them easily crawled with keywords in the URL for SEO juice.

So instead of the httphandlers and component installed on IIS to handle the financeland article redirects the simple use of a custom 404 page using server.execute served my purposes, detecting from the first part of the URL after the domain what the type of request was (controller), then using backslash separated parameters “folders” to select the records (parameters).

So as I’m here in 2011 going through the MVC 3 music store tutorial application… it’s not entirely that unfamiliar to grasp the concept of turning URLs into dynamic pages through a limited set of classes.

Edit: ahhhh most of the way through the music store tutorial now and I’m seeing the power of MVC scaffolded views… yep.. that’s a very nice timesaver indeed!, the razor engine is very nice and clean to code with by the look of it.