So I am an early adopter of windows 8 on both my home computers, the intro price was just too good to miss at £15 each to windows 8 pro including this media centre thing.

My first peeve with windows 8 is that applications have a frozen interface, so far winamp and search engine ranker – you can see from their CPU usage that they are still active and indeed music still pumps out of winamp; but after a couple of hours the labels etc that indicate how many minutes have elapsed or the log of what SER is up to stop moving… and the only way to kick them into action again is to restart the application…

Infuriating…. hopefully win 8 sp1 fixes this.

The only other thing I found I don’t like so far in these few weeks of using windows 8 so far is switching user, this takes surprisingly long for the user select screen to come up.


UPDATE 12/12/12.. :  Left SER running last night, this morning it was still outputting an active log onscreen.. perhaps a tuesday patch this week fixed up the issue I talk about above.