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Free webcam home security solution

Posted by Brad | Posted in Recommendations | Posted on 25-08-2012

So I have a broadband connection, a few computers, a quickcam pro 5000 and the desire to keep an eye on what happens in front of my house when I am not there.. Crap neighbour and foxes amongst other things.. So set up a solution based around yawcam which does all the sorts of things you would expect it to for my favourite price, free.

Using to get a reliable fixed name reference to my home network for free then reserve a LAN ip address for  one home computer and forward incoming ports 8181 and 8888 to that address on my wireless router.

Then setup yawcam so it does motion detection and streaming, the motion detection sends photos of movement via email when it occurs, and the live feed is always available via which I can password protect

Tweaking the sensitivity and frequency is the tricky bit, I exceeded the smtp allowance of google apps already which I think is 2000 sends in 24 hours

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review

Posted by Brad | Posted in Recommendations | Posted on 16-03-2012

Being a “jack of all trades” in the (web) development world I also love to dabble in online marketing on the side and have done for years when time allows. I have a network of sites on verticals such as bingo, finance, insurance, online retail, mobile phones…. quite a variety you can see and I had trimmed a few off a few years back as it was just too much to handle, a site on hotels was one of those that bit the dust only to have their domain taken over by some PPC king or other…

One aspect of this whole process is that of getting your sites well ranked in search engines and appropriately worded link references placed in the right sorts of places to get drive by traffic to your sites. This is an extremely laborious process unless you either throw tonnes of cash at it or have some people in India do it for you rather badly. Over the past few months thought it seems three products have appeared that try to automate the process of link building as it’s all a scriptable logical process when you think about it.

The players at the moment are scrapejet, no hands seo, and GSA Search Engine Ranker so far I have used two of the three. From my experiences of scrapebox from which scrapejet tries to follow, my expectations were high – scrapebox is an extremely powerful piece of software for mining the web and posting links on blogs then verifying all went well. However although it’s a powerful program for doing things in bulk there’s still lots of manual intervention required, as I have a windows server 2008 VPS online 24/7 something that could just plough away in the background all by itself would be a far better solution.

My experience of scrapejet after purchase was a very short one of just two days, I realised from the logs that an error 503 was blocking the program from getting anywhere with harvesting links, and you still had to manually get a decent set of proxies together then control them yourself from time to time, scrapejet didnt seem to refresh the list or remove dead ones so to cut a short story shorter, I asked for a refund and got it. I then looked into no hands seo which seemed good but people were also mentioning GSA Search Engine Ranker in a better light… so that’s where I decided to invest next.

Now running the experiment and after setting up the initial profiles I honestly have not had to do a thing… it finds lots of good proxies by itself then refreshes the list at an interval of your choosing – it does not use proxies that stop responding, has a very nice variety of link sources to harvest from, it’s multi-threaded and if you don’t use captcha filling services you can just set it to ignore places requesting a captcha and it just chugs away harvesting more and more links expanding to more and more diverse sets of related keywords… it’s not done at a crazy fast rate so things seem more natural as a slow constant stream of links from a variety of types of sites is what you really want instead of 10,000 sudden wordpress links… as you can easily do with scrapebox.

12 hours into running GSA Search Engine Ranker it has submitted about 1000 links for 7 sites I’m doing about 15 threads so keep plenty of resources for the web server and SQL server as they run on the same box. Of the 1000 a very reasonable 232 have been automatically verified with PR going up as high as 6!, I have not  set an upper limit on outgoing links or any restriction on the PR of pages that are harvested so these numbers should give you an idea of performance at low load.

Will I be trying no hands seo next?, I don’t think so - GSA Search Engine Ranker seems to be doing a perfectly good job of this and I didn’t have to spend 1000′s getting a company to do it, or a couple of hundred pounds getting an Indian company to do it poorly, $99 to have 7 link building campaigns running all the time getting more and more diverse and natural is the perfect solution for me.

UPDATE: After running GSA Search Engine Ranker with 10 threads for 5 days I have almost 1000 confirmed links to 9 of my sites which google analytics has reported between 16% and 71% traffic rises throughout the week (content has not changed this week, only link building), links have been posted to pages/domains with PR as high as 7 from what I have seen.

UPDATE 2!: After realising I mistakenly put profile keywords in {spinnable} format rather than comma separated the verified link rate has gone up massively to 1300 in 24 hours… pick your keywords from somewhere like adwords keyword tool and you are ready to rock.

Download the GSA Search Engine Ranker and try to use for 5 days.

Or Buy the GSA Search Engine Ranker On GSA Official Site.

Happy Birthday to our Son Theo – 1 Today!

Posted by Brad | Posted in Theodore | Posted on 06-04-2010

1 year ago today was the most amazing day of my life and every day since then has been awesome in one way or another – our boy Theo had his first birthday party yesterday and we want to thank you all for coming, if any of you have photos from yesterday could you email them to me so I can cook up a gallery of sorts online.

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