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Free webcam home security solution

Posted by Brad | Posted in Recommendations | Posted on 25-08-2012

So I have a broadband connection, a few computers, a quickcam pro 5000 and the desire to keep an eye on what happens in front of my house when I am not there.. Crap neighbour and foxes amongst other things.. So set up a solution based around yawcam which does all the sorts of things you would expect it to for my favourite price, free.

Using to get a reliable fixed name reference to my home network for free then reserve a LAN ip address for  one home computer and forward incoming ports 8181 and 8888 to that address on my wireless router.

Then setup yawcam so it does motion detection and streaming, the motion detection sends photos of movement via email when it occurs, and the live feed is always available via which I can password protect

Tweaking the sensitivity and frequency is the tricky bit, I exceeded the smtp allowance of google apps already which I think is 2000 sends in 24 hours

Windows BSOD with fastfat.sys and truecrypt container

Posted by Brad | Posted in Ramblings | Posted on 12-07-2011

Last week I had 10 BSOD’s crashing the hell out of my windows XP machine at work, I knew what the problem was related to though as I had created a new TrueCrypt container which was larger than the one I had been using without problem for two years now.

As my dropbox storage availability was going up, the container holding the data was staying at 4GB so I had to do something as having to move files each day due to the virtual drive filling up was becoming tedious..

I had benchmarked the fastest algorithm as AES which was not the previous one I had been using (twofish) so decided to switch to that so program file access would drag a little less…

So I have a FAT AES 6GB partition and two times a day the machine BSOD’s after years of stability. If you are having blue screens then the starting point is to download the free utility BlueScreenView to check out what those memory dumps contain which pointed out that fastfat.sys was the problematic driver.

BlueScreen 500x391 Windows BSOD with fastfat.sys and truecrypt container

Upgrading TrueCrypt from version 6.3 to 7 and changing the algorithm back to twofish did not help as 10 mins later it happened again.

So two days ago I decided to create a new AES NTFS 6GB partition to remove the FAT driver from the equation and two days on not a single bluescreen… fingers crossed it continues to be stable.

Another freeware program from the makers of BlueScreenView that I used years ago and think is great is ShellExView which you can use to trim the crap out of your right click menus so you can be more efficient with less clutter.

Quick tip you may not know about windows

Posted by Brad | Posted in Tips | Posted on 16-10-2009

Might start throwing tips into this blog from time to time, here’s a quicky…

In programs such as a web browser where you type something into a textbox and it lists all the things you have typed before, if you are like me and actually use those to save you typing what you are looking for in full this is for you.

To remove stored entries in almost any of them just highlight them using the arrow keys and press the delete key to remove them from the history of that individual textbox so you have less crap to scroll through as you use your computer efficiently.

This probably works on mac and linux computers too, logically it would but I only have time to use one PC OS.